Time to Mix it Up! Finding Good Deals for Your Kitchen.

When it comes to small kitchen appliances, quality makes all the difference.

Which, when shopping online, can be tricky to spot a lot of times.

So, if you’re shopping online, you may want to play it safe and stick with a reputable name brand versus trying an offshoot brand.


Money makes a big difference here, so even if it’s a little more expensive, it’ll be worth it because you’ll have your appliance for many more pleasurable years of use than if you went with the cheaper less well made one.

My many years of experience have taught me that it’s better to buy one well made product versus 10 cheap ones.

And, where might you be able to find great quality small kitchen appliances?

Well, I recently upgraded my mixer, which I had had for the last 20 years, and found a great deal on eBay.

There was a great selection with plenty of brands to choose from. Which for me is important because I want to see what makes each model different than the other.

And, they’re a company I can trust. So, I didn’t have to worry if the item I ordered was actually going to get to me.


After spending quite a bit of time researching my next “right arm”, I opted for the KitchenAid Pro Stand Mixer in Empire Red.

The red is beautiful!

It looks like a shiny red mustang just ready to roll on my counter!

Plus, going back to the conversation about quality, you can’t beat KitchenAid’s reputation for quality and dependability. They’ve been in the game for a long time and have remained an industry leader, which says a lot.

If you haven’t been to eBay in a while, head on over and check out their deals.

They’ll have what you’re looking for!

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