Take baby anywhere in style

The greatest joy in families, and for any mother, is when someone new joins the family.

I can think back to my most recent grandchild being born like it was yesterday, and it was just as special of a moment as the first.

Nowadays, there are more things to get for your baby than one could count in a hundred years!

Everything touting the same “must haveness” as all the others to the point it all just becomes noise. What does baby need and what does baby REALLY need?

Well, I can tell you that baby needs to get places.

It’s not that baby is its own CEO of a major cooperation right off the bat and has all kinds of appointments, but it is that you will have to take baby with you wherever you go.

From car seat to runner stroller, here comes the list of options and possibilities…

Let us stray from the norm and look into the world of innovation. Yes, baby stuff can be innovative.

And, one very innovative discovery is the 4 in 1 kangaroo jacket.

This jacket is a safe way to carry a child up to 2 1/2 years old around. It keeps mother and child warm due to its unique hoody design.

Most child carriers I see that strap onto the parent leave arms or legs of the child exposed to the elements.

This design has a swaddling effect keeping the child cozy and wrapped, versus free and flailing all over. Which, can make for some great mother child bonding.

Also, the jackets are hand sewn for extra attention to detail. The fact that it does not have side seams ensures that the baby is held comfortably in place and that the hoody does not slip. The cuffs located at the hem and sleeves provide comfort during wear and the foundation to its long lasting nature.

Whether you are gifting this to someone or buying for yourself,give a thought to the 4 in 1 kangaroo jacket as it will not disappoint. Especially for $45!

Have a look on Etsy here.

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