Make Furniture Shopping Fun (and Cheaper!) by Doing it Online


Furniture isn’t something you buy on a regular basis, so even though we have a house full of it we go years between buying anything new.

That means I never feel like I develop a skill for it the way I can find deals on say, groceries or clothes.

The last time we went shopping for furniture it was much worse than I remember. We started out going to the furniture stores and outlets in town. Driving from place to place, walking the big showrooms.

It’s nice to be able to sit and touch the furniture. But we already knew the rooms we were shopping for and what we wanted. That meant going into a place just to find out it didn’t have the type of headboard we wanted, or dresser, or couch.

Plus, maybe I’m getting older but the salespeople seem pushier than they used to be. They followed us around, and asked about deals on everything we looked at. After going through a few stores, it gets on your nerves.

That’s when we decided to shop furniture online.

We’ve been getting more things online and it’s worked out great – why not furniture?

The one place that kept showing up again and again was Wayfair. All of their prices looked wonderful, and they had a huge amount of furniture, rugs, lamps, chairs, tables – anything we wanted!

Each item we found on Wayfair we shopped around to try and get a better deal. We did find a few pieces here and there, but once a site added shipping, it was no longer a better deal. With the time we spent looking to save a little, we realized Wayfair was the best for not only price, but time.

Plus, we didn’t have to drive anywhere, and no salespeople.

If we wanted to know about a brand, we’d research it online right there and read reviews. It was actually a pleasure – we enjoyed shopping for pieces we hadn’t thought of, just because it was so much easier!

They give you free shipping on everything. For an extra fee they will come in and set up your furniture, otherwise they bring it into your house but you’re expected to set it up.

I was nervous about buying furniture online. Would it look like the pictures? How would it feel?

Sizes are hard to imagine too. A few times we took a tape measure based on the sizes they give you online and taped off the room to see how much space it would take.

That part was nice because in a showroom you would need to write down sizes of the pieces you like, go home, tape it off and then drive back if it didn’t work! Here, we only needed to click to find a smaller set.

When it finally arrived, I was so happy! Everything was just as we imagined, fit perfectly, and because we found new ideas on the site the room looked better than what it would have looked like otherwise. We were also able to afford a few more accessories as we were under budget!

Wayfair is my new go-to place for home and furniture accessories.

Here are a few things I would suggest for shopping there:

1. If you aren’t good with fabrics, or knowing how things feel, go to a furniture store first. Feel and touch everything, write down the fabrics you like. That’s the hardest part about shopping online, but if you know the fabric, everything else is easier.

2. Once we purchased our set and everything arrived, we received emails from Wayfair about specials. Their special prices are even better than their regular prices! If you aren’t in a hurry, sign up for their email list, and wait for a good special. Then buy your set.

We’re still very happy with what we paid, as I said it was under budget so we got more than we were expecting, but for younger families trying to make their budget stretch or don’t mind mis-matched pieces, the specials always look great!

Enjoy your new home!


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