Magical addition for your Fairy Friends

I admit it, I’m a sucker for magical things.

And, I’m an even bigger sucker for magical things that can go in my garden or around my house.

I just love the feeling of mystery and the joy of discovering something other-worldly that can be brought on by having these little gems around.

I’ve been collecting miniatures all of my life and when there’s something new that strikes my fancy, well I just have to have it.

This little fairy wagon not only struck my fancy, it tugged at my inner child’s imagination, and we both had to have it.

This was a no brainer for me because when the grandkids come to visit I like to have magic in the air. It helps with the rate of return visits to grannie’s. No magic = no visits. Or, at least thats what I tell myself. It keeps me on my toes.

So, what’s more magical than fairy’s?

And, what’s more magical than stumbling upon a fairy caravan in what you thought was your ordinary grandmother’s garden? It’ll get them every time 🙂

Just imagine the little fairies flying around with sprinkles coming off their wings, or nesting down after a long day of frolicking to tell tales and share in a cup of tea or two.

Wouldn’t this handmade caravan be the ideal spot for any fairy to rest their wings?

I certainly think so!

What’s even better is that each one is handmade with components only found in nature like birch and sycamore siding, shelf fungus driver’s seat, and acorn and twig wheels.

The windows and and entries are surrounded by decorative details of curly twigs, buckeye hulls, acorns and pods.

Because they are handmade, the one you get may look differently than the one pictured on the page. But, even if it does look different, it will be 100% just as magical.

Have a look at them on Etsy here.

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