The Easiest Way to Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle-Free

I know it’s common these days to look like you just rolled out of bed.

When we go to Wal-Mart, there are always people who are wearing pajamas. So they, literally, just rolled out of bed!

I’m going to give you some old person advice: care about your appearance. Respect yourself. Even if you don’t think so, people will notice.

More importantly, you’ll notice. When you care about you: how you look, how you act, who you are, it rubs off on others.

It’s not shallow, it’s a reality. We judge on appearances. We judge other people all the time, so you think that judging stops when you look in the mirror?

It’s not about being negative with yourself. Goodness knows there’s enough of that.

It’s taking the time to say, “I care about me and I will treat myself with respect.” I really believe it impacts how you think about yourself. Yes – even down to the wrinkled clothes!

Sometimes new isn’t always better. Back in the ‘old days’, we tried a little harder with how we looked. Being out in ‘public’ meant a little more than it does these days. I don’t think things have changed for the better in that regard.

But it’s still the same now as it was then – people who take a little more time to spit and polish how they look – have an advantage in life.

These days it’s made easier by all the people who don’t care and show it!

Ironing is a chore

I think more people would iron if it wasn’t viewed as such a hassle. And don’t think ironing is only for dress shirts or skirts.

Those t-shirts you love wearing? Yes even they would be better if they weren’t so wrinkly (or smell like they were rolled up in a dog kennel for a week!)

That’s why I tell my kids if you can’t handle breaking out the iron, steam it. Helps with the wrinkles and freshens the odor.

The clothes make the woman (or man)

I know many women enjoy spending money and time shopping around for really pretty clothes.

However, even the most expensive clothes lose their glamour if they are creased or wrinkled. Why bother then!

Traditional irons don’t always do the trick when it comes to style and fabric; so many garments have the dreaded label, ‘dry clean only’.

Well, many clothes that can’t be washed, can be steamed. So it’s not always about wrinkles, but freshening them up.

A cloth steamer will relax the fabric in the cloth and open it up, releasing smells, while an iron will just flatten it.

Flexible and Easy – No Board!

Many homes have sockets in very impractical places where ironing would be most convenient – I’m looking at you closet!

You’ve got to lug out the board, make it fit in the space, then plug in those cords that are always too short.

Pure steam fabric steamer has an eight ft. long cable so if you have to stretch – you can.

Best part? You don’t need a board.

You hang your clothes while you steam (got lot’s of hangers in your closet already I bet).

User Friendly

Many of you are no doubt familiar with the, ‘hang your clothes in the bathroom while taking a hot shower’ routine.

Come on ladies, we can do better. This is the same concept, so you know it works. This is just faster and easier.

Powerful and Convenient

Make sure to get a steamer that’s powerful enough to really heat the water. I’ve used weak ones before and they can be frustrating. Spend a little more to get a stronger heating element, it will save you time and ensure you actually use it, rather than give up because it doesn’t work as fast as you want.

Additional Pros

No need for chemicals.

Using a garment steam will not require you to use any chemicals. Just add water.

The nozzle emits the steam powerfully and evenly over a wider area.

Unlike an iron, it’s harder to make crease mistakes when the iron makes those big wrinkle lines that are hard to get out.

Reduces wear and tear. Constantly ironing a garment can reduce its life span but steaming does not have this effect at all.

Easily restore Specialty Fabrics. There some fabrics that wrinkle easily and there can be damaged if one tries to iron them. Not so with a steamer.

No need for ironing board

And the Cons

Not suitable for all materials, mainly light fabric.

Difficult to iron clothes edges. If you want to make a hard crease, like for slacks, can’t do it.

Not as efficient in removing deep wrinkles. You know, when you leave your clothes in the drier (or on the floor) for a few days.

Looking nice doesn’t need to be expensive, or take much time. You just have to care enough to do it.

If you know you hate ironing, but also know that looking your best puts you in a better light in many situations – meeting a nice guy or girl, certainly during a job interview or at work, even getting service – then go ahead and cheat with a steamer.

Treating people respectfully, but also looking respectful does wonders. Try it!

I use this steamer, PureSteam, and it works really well.

But there are many to choose from. Just check how strong its heating element is!

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