Why I wish They Had Ear and Forehead Thermometer’s When My Kids Were Growing Up

You know how fussy kids can be on a good day, but when they’re sick? Please!

Either the poor things are a sad sick lump or cranky and squirmy.

One thing I always wondered about is how many kids bit down on thermometer’s and broke them in their mouth. My kids never did, and I never did growing up, but every time I put it in their mouth it crossed my mind.

Most of the time it wasn’t biting that was the problem – they would spit it out!

They make it seem like it takes the longest time with that thing in their mouth.

Well, my grandkids don’t have that problem. I used an ear thermometer for the first time last week when I was watching them and thought one of them might be getting sick. After searching and searching for a normal thermometer I almost gave up!

I asked them why their parents didn’t have one – everyone must have one I thought. It didn’t make sense.

Turns out I was looking for the wrong thing! Although I am a hip grannie (got a smart phone last year thank you!), I’m not always good with the gadgets.

This was pretty easy to use and although my grandkids are past the fussy stage I think it would have worked wonderfully even if they were.

No More Glass Tubes in Your Mouth

As a parent having a thermometer is a must. Especially new parents! You’ll always wonder if something is wrong, or is this normal.

Nothing puts your mind at ease as knowing, right then and there. Most of the time it’s nothing (and you get over being an over-anxious parent fast).

But back when I was raising my kids we didn’t have a choice. Yes, the thermometers were made out of glass. Yes, they had something like mercury in them.

Yes, you stuck it in their mouth, under their tongue and had to hold it there counting the time.

Now you have the choice for something better so take it!

Here are my top 3 reasons of buying a computerized ear thermometer:


They can give a readout in a matter of seconds. And it’s easy to read. No wondering if it was really under their tongue, or if it had time to warm up – the better ones tell you when the reading is complete.

Plus, it’s quick. Did I mention that? With fussy kids, speed matters. They can sit longer with a forehead one easier than an ear.

Nothing sticking in their mouth, getting spit out.


This isn’t something you’ll be buying every year. Considering how long you’ll have it, yes, even the most expensive ones I’d still consider cheap.

For smart little machines they are not costly, and compared to what you parents who will never know the joy of popping a thermometer back into your child’s mouth again, and again, and again
until you have to hold it there – worth it!


It could be that they seem more ‘advanced’, but I trust digital thermometers more. It may be because the one I used beeped when it was ready, so it told me the reading was complete.

Plus, it told me the exact temperature.

It wasn’t important when I used it but I remember nights when I wanted to know if someone’s temperature was changing fast, and would take a lot of readings sticking in their mouth. Is their temperature going up? Is it staying the same? How fast is it going up? Time to call the doctor?

When it’s late, and you’re tired, I imagine simple, fast and accurate make a difference. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

I don’t know how different the various brands really are, but this is the top selling thermometer on Amazon right now.

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