Even Grannie Can’t Refuse These!

What do you get when combine two of the best treats out there, and then drizzle them with luxurious Godiva white chocolate?

You get a wonderful taste of heaven, of course!

I can’t believe it’s taken someone this long to figure out this magical combination, but I’m glad they did!

Grannie’s got a serious sweet tooth that needs some attention! And, I think these will do the trick 😉

I have a feeling these goodies will satisfy even the most discriminatory sweets connoisseur, with the classic base of Rice Krispies being bumped up a notch, or twelve, with the addition of Oreos and Godiva.

Wrap me up in all that goodness and turn off the light!

And, since we’re entering the season of gluttony, you may want to consider sending some of your loved ones a batch or two.

Forget the normal sweater or gadget gift and give them something they don’t have to wear just because your around. I know I’ve given a couple of gifts like that. They won’t admit it, but I know the truth.

These also make a great treat for any old time, they don’t always need to be given as a gift. So, go on and treat yourself! Grannie won’t tell a soul as long as you send me a batch.

Make this the year of sweet treats and order a round or two of these upgraded classics. You won’t be disappointed, nor will the ones that help you eat them 🙂

Have a look at them on Etsy here.

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