Does a ‘Ninja’ blender make grandma cool? Survey says…

Survey says this post would get lot’s of eye rolls from the kids!

Does having a blender with the name, ‘Ninja’, make grandma cool? Hmm, I rather doubt it.

But the treats it makes certainly doesn’t hurt. That means the, ‘Ninja Blender‘ gets the credit for being ‘cool’ I imagine. Which is okay, grandma thinks the Ninja is cool too.

It let’s me make them treats I feel a little bit better about than cookies and ice cream. Oh sure I give them plenty of that too, but even I have my limits of spoiling.

What kinds of treats? Smoothies mostly. Also frozen yoghurt with real fruit blended in (they’ll eat the fruit when it’s blended as flavor, but not when they see it’s fruit! Kids…)

Blueberry bubble gum? Gimme some! Real blueberries? Yech!

Ninja blender is one of the better blenders in the market right now, it is well known for its powerful performance and good results.

Yes, I’ve seen the demonstrations at Sam’s Club of the $400 blenders but… it’s a blender! They were quite impressive but I’m just not willing to go that far.

For me, the Ninja was just right. It has the capability to make drinks and smoothies for the entire family, you can use fresh fruits and vegetables and yes it has the ability to handle ice cubes (for those margarita lovers out there).

Let’s recap:

1. Easy to use
2. Perfect results
3. Long lasting
4. Powerful performance
5. Dish washer safe
6. Won’t need to take out a loan just to buy a blender

For smoothies I get the fruits straight from the freezer. It blends them right away, no fuss.

The reviews for it were really good when I checked it and I’m sold, I didn’t think I’d use it as much as I have, but when I started looking around – oh boy! There are all kinds of recipes for things you can make with your blender!

Here is a nice little recipe you can try:

Have I sold you yet? Just kidding. I saw this blender at Wal-Mart the other day, so I know they carry it.

I got mine online at Amazon of course. It was just easier, or maybe the Kindle Fire I got for Christmas is making me lazy (thanks kids!).

Either way, it’s worth adding to your kitchen, and putting some extra fun in your diet! (Yep, big kids eat more fruits and vegetables when you hide them in smoothies too.)

See it here!

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