A Busy Parent’s Best Friend: the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

You may believe that cooking is the next big invention after the discovery of fire. Right? Well it depends…

Do you have a pressure cooker?

As much as cooking may be an art to many folks, it can also be a real pain in the ‘art’ to many more.

Grannie understands kids these days. I know, I know. Cooking takes too long. You don’t know how. Nothing comes out right. (As much as ya’ll are on the internet, you’d think you would just look it up! Oh, is that why you’re here?)

To a seasoned cook, juggling all the parts that come with cooking is no brainer. Over time, you learn how to make certain dishes, and it becomes automatic.

But if you don’t want to go through the ‘painful, agonizing, chore of cooking’ well… grannie gives you permission to cheat.

It’s okay to be a ‘lazy’ and unskilled cook. You can still keep up the illusion.

The pressure cooker is a savior to the people who are too busy to cook, and instead schlump out for fast food all the time. Which is, at least in America, the majority.

I use the Instant Pot pressure cooker, but I’m sure they’re all the same. It’s like your own robot cooking butler. Cooking with it is hard to mess up, and it’s easy to just throw a bunch of stuff in (following an easy recipe) and have it come out tasty.

Not only that, but you’d be surprised what you can make with these things!

It’s a yogurt maker, a rice cooker, a steamer and warmer, a slow and rapid cooker and it can also Saute food. With a pressure cooker, you don’t need to mess with (or own) a big pot and pan set. Or any pots and pans at all really!

But say you don’t want to get fancy. Making yogurt isn’t your thing – you just want to stop eating out and enjoy a family dinner.

Great! I like it already.

So this is why if you don’t cook, get a pressure cooker: it has automatic programmed cooking.

We never had one of these growing up, and although I had one raising my kids, we didn’t use it that often because when they were young I wasn’t working. Being a mom was what I did.

These days, you don’t really see that. Every family everybody is working. So mom, or dad, here’s what you do…

1. Find an easy recipe. Chicken, veggies, potatoes.
2. Put them all in the pressure cooker, add seasoning, hit the right cooking time.
3. Do all of this before work.
4. Come back home from work, and smell a warm, prepared meal filling the
5. Sit down, yes, with the family. Talk about your day.
6. Dinner is served!

Here’s the Instant Pot, which is what I use. But you can find other models there too!

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