A climate control for your bed? Sign me up!

Have you heard of these things? It’s a bed climate control. I’m serious!

I first saw one on Shark Tank. To think so many years spent fighting and tugging over blankets.

I haven’t tried this myself, but I’m infinitely curious about what it would be like!

The best one I found looking around (you know for the day when I live like a true queen with my own bed climate control haha):

BedJet: Bed Climate Control System

Gone are the days when you used to find it uncomfortable to sleep in your bed due to extremely high or low temperatures. This is because with a bed climate control, you can raise or lower the temperature of your bed without the cover and sheets tossing/grabbing game.

This luxurious bed accessory is designed using cutting edge technology to vary bed temperature by sending a stream of air through your bedding for cooling or warming purposes.

The top 3 uses of these bed climate controls include:

Vary bed temperature

These controls make it possible for you to transform your bed from an uncomfortable sleeping pad to a perfect oasis of optimum temperature.

The best thing about these controls is that they don’t use any weird pads, toppers, tubes or wires in the bed. It’s all warm and cool air flow.

“Cuddle” with your partner in bed to warm your feet? (All about heat-stealing) While you still may enjoy the act it won’t be because you’re cold, as the bed temperature stays consistent.

No jumping in a cold bed waiting for it to warm.

Reduce heating expenses

This makes sense to me. My husband is always turning down the heat at night. It’s so cold!

Of course he talks about the heating bill and while I imagine you’ll still hesitate to get out of bed on a cold morning, it’s true you don’t need to heat the whole house while you’re sleeping – just the bed!

This system is made to use very little power to either cool or warm your bed. Additionally, instead of using air conditioners to cool or warm the whole bedroom, you can use these controls to vary the temperature of only your bed.

Control the effects of climate change

The husband was joking about this after watching that movie where the giant snow storm covers everything.

He said if climate change freezes everything, or sends a heat wave at us, we can use the bed as a climate igloo.

We’ll just set the temperature and get under the covers! haha

Then we can sleep soundly and wait for someone to fix the weather (easy!).

Anyone tried these yet? I found them on Amazon here but haven’t taken the plunge. I’m thinking about it. I so enjoy a good sleep.

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