Back to Hogwarts?

When I found these I had to get all four for the grandkids.

They, as well as the rest of the family, fell in love with the movies and anything we can do to keep the magic going, we will do!

What’s great is that you can turn your ordinary, non-magical books into magic ones.

Just imagine owning the “Monster Book of Monsters” or “Quidditch through the Ages” or “Advanced Potion Making” or “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”.

Wouldn’t those look nice up on your kid’s shelf? Or, wouldn’t they look even better in their backpack?

I thought they’d make a great back to school gift from Grannie, seeing how Muggle infested hallways and classrooms could really be a downer.

Every child deserves to linger in the world of magic and possibility, and keeping their imaginations alive and on fire is just as much our responsibility as it is theirs.

So, let’s give them a hand up and a little spark 😉

All you need to do is download the files provided, once you place your order, print out the cover and then cut and fold to fit around the book of your choice.

If you want to buy each one separately you may, but I suggest getting all four in one go because it’ll save you some money. Which is never a bad thing 😉

If you’re concerned about the quality of image and whether or not your printer will be able to handle it. I’d say most modern printers will do a fine job, but if you’re still worried, you can always take the files to your local print shop and they’ll be able to print and size for you.

So, go on and let a little magic out into the world. Grannie says it’s ok 🙂

Grab your’s on Etsy by clicking here.

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