37 Dessert Recipes even Grandma would be Proud of

Spoon University shared 37 recipes ‘even Grandma would be proud of’.

Okay, well, I’m a grandma! Let’s see if I’m proud…

Their first 3 recipes were:

Banana snickerdoodles. Always a favorite, but a bit easy. Grandma is listening but not yet impressed. (Tough grannie huh? lol)

Pumpkin pie with sugar cookie crust. One of my grandsons would “freak out” over this, so, I think they’re on to something here.

Maple browned butter bacon cupcakes. Whoa! Bacon, maple butter cupcakes? Grannie is definitely going to try these. I’m thinking the boys will be fighting over them.

Good job Spoon University! Let’s see if it’s a hit.

For the full list you can see them here (including the bacon cupcake):
37 Dessert Recipes Even Grandma would Approve of

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